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Y5 Campus Invasion

We invite your whole year group to enter our creative writing competition to complement your literacy curriculum. All entries submit a short story or poem using the University of Surrey as the scene of an invasion. Inquisitive imaginations then complete the rest! All submissions are judged with the school receiving a copy of the published entries in preparation for the next academic year. 

The programme kicks off with a half day campus visit to the University of Surrey consisting of tour. This will introduce pupils to university whilst helping to visualise the scene of their creative writing. All pupils will receive a writing pack to keep within school to complement your literacy lessons whilst all transport costs are covered by the University of Surrey.

Following your campus visit, we provide an in school follow up 60 minute workshop to reflect on the visit and to explore higher education themes to include within the creative writing.

Bookings are accepted on a school basis and we prioritise schools who are feeders for our partner secondary schools.

To register your interest and to find out more, please contact or complete our online application form.