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About us

Our mission is to minimise the barriers to education for marginalised and under-represented learners through outreach activity and advocacy, and build a connected community that fosters a sense of belonging and empowers learners to not only access higher education but to succeed and flourish in their future ambitions and positively shape the society that we live in.

We provide a sustained programme of targeted, on- and off-campus, curriculum enhancing activity for under-represented learners in Primary School, Secondary School and College, to support the development of aspirations, expectations and attainment.

We work closely with schools, colleges and community partners to ensure that learners and their supporters (parents, carers, guardians and non-teaching professionals) are aware of the opportunities available to them. All activities are fully funded and transport bursaries are available for on campus events.

Meet the team

We are a dedicated team of professionals who coordinate all of the Widening Participation and Outreach (WPO) activities and opportunities that you’ll find on this website. Please contact us directly for specific requests or enquiries.

Hollie Baker
Deputy Head of WPO
Rob Thatcher
Senior WPO Officer
Emily Ridgley
Kings College Aspirations Lead
Elena Martin
WPO Officer
Dr Joe Hickinbottom
WPO Officer
Alicia Holloway
WPO Officer
Thamasin Young
WPO Officer
Madison Bailey
WPO Intern
Emily Lade
WPO Intern

Our Impact

We evaluate all of our outreach activities to understand the impact they have for under-represented learners.

2019 – 2020
11,270 students participated in WPO activities.
2,219 primary school children, 7,580 secondary school children, 1,337 sixth form students and 134 mature learners.

2020 – 2021
11,666 students participated in WPO activities.
2,038 primary school children, 9,223 secondary school children, 351 sixth form students and 54 mature learners.

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Access to Learning Fund
15 Schools received a total of £14,000 to ensure their students could access learning at home during lockdown. Funding was used to purchase technology, books and subscriptions.

Book Access Scheme
638 young people across Surrey received a bundle of five age-appropriate books and activities encourage reading to support literacy during lockdown.

GCSE Revision Bundles
418 GCSE Revision Bundles were sent out to young people in Year 9, 10 and 11 who are eligible for free school meals. Bundles contained core subject revision guides and workbooks, a Math pack with scientific calculator and stationary and art supplies including water colours, paintbrushes and tonal pencils.

Holiday Activity Boxes
Over 2,500 Holiday Activity Boxes have been sent to families with children eligible for free school meals over the winter and summer school holidays. The boxes included activities linked to subjects and careers, wellbeing activities and a supermarket spend card to support with the cost of meal provision over the school holidays.

European Connect

“As a program, it allowed me to learn so many things without being under pressure. It was amazing!”-student

Policies and Procedures

Please read our event policies and procedures by clicking on the tabs below.