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We host a number of programmes and activities which are designed for learners in primary school through to university enrolment. From Year 10, eligible learners can join our Surrey Scholars programme of progressive extracurricular outreach.

Mature Learners

In education, a mature learner refers to anyone starting their studies at age 21 or over, and in 2022 thousands of mature students attended university (, 2022). Making the decision to return to education can be daunting at any age, especially if you’ve had a break from learning. It is important to remember that there’s plenty of information and guidance available to help you make informed choices about your next steps.

The University of Surrey hosts activities for adults in the local community which are designed for individuals who are looking to reengage with education. Have a look at our upcoming events below and see our further resources for more information and advice.

Activity Type


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CONTEXTUALISED ADMISSIONS AND TRANSITION PROGRAMME In2Surrey provides eligible applicants with an alternative grade offer and a programme of transition support …