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A supporter is anyone supporting a learner at any stage in their education, such as a parent, carer, social worker or family member.

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Post 16 Options


These are normally studied across two years at a sixth form or college, most often consisting of three to four different subjects. It is possible to study a combination of A levels and BTECs although this will be dependent on the school or college. Similar to GCSEs, exams take place at the end of
two years of study whilst subjects tend to be more academic in content and assessment.

T Levels

T levels are a cross between a BTEC and an apprenticeship, with 80% of the learner’s time being spent in the classroom and 20% on a placement (of at least forty-five days) in a relevant job. T levels can allow learners to progress into university, higher apprenticeships or into skilled employment. One T level is equivalent to three A levels


These are practical-based, vocational qualifications that offer a wide range of subjects from Health & Social Care to Sports Journalism, with learning shared between college and relevant off-site locations.
Depending on the BTEC studied, the learner may receive one of the following Diplomas:
•    National Extended Diploma equivalent to three A levels
•    National Diploma equivalent to two A levels
•    National Foundation Diploma equivalent to one and a half A levels
•    National Extended Certificate equivalent to one A level

As opposed to A levels, much of the final grade will be determined through project based tasks and practical assessments.

Advanced Apprenticeship

An advanced apprenticeship is a salaried job-specific qualification that provides work based skills and experience within a specific job sector or profession. Thirty hours a week are usually split between studying (20%) and working (80%), with less classroom study than T levels. An advanced apprenticeship is equivalent to two A levels.

For more information about T levels:
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